One-stop total solutions for all your secretarial needs

Company secretarial

We offer a full range of company secretarial services and the latest updates on legislative changes and ensure all compliance requirements are met.

HR & Payroll

We provide a comprehensive HR solutions that include payroll, expense claims, and employee self service.

Tax Services

Tax is one of the inevitable parts of a business. be it an independent tax compliance review, or specific technical advice or a fully outsourced tax compliance service, we do it all.

Financial, Accounting & GST

We provide solutions to clients by simplifying, standardizing, and streamlining financial and accounting processes by keeping abreast with the latest accounting standards.

Audit Assurance

We believe with innovation, personalized touches and a business mindset, we surpass the benchmark expected of an audit process.

Shelf Companies Supply

If starting a business from scratch doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, why not consider ready-made shelf companies instead.

One Company Servicing the World

We are the partner of choice for over 500 clients specialist on SME organizations across South-East-Asia. As professionals in our field, we help businesses flourish by providing high quality compliance services supported by a professional workforce, high capabilities and state of the art infrastructure. Partnering with us gives our clients the competitive advantage to lead in a cost effective and efficient manner.

clients we are dedicated to

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