Financial, Accounting & GST

We provide solutions to clients by simplifying, standardizing, and streamlining financial and accounting processes by keeping abreast with the latest accounting standards.

Accounting & GST Services Malaysia

Our Accounting & GST (Goods & services tax) services provide solutions and complement the effectiveness of our clients’ finance functions by leveraging on economies of scale and best practices. As an accounting firm, our experienced accountants use technology accelerators to enhance and improve workflow by simplifying, standardising and streamlining financial accounting processes. Services include:

  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Account Payables
  • Account Receivables
  • Fixed Assets Register
  • Cash Management & Treasury Management Services
  • GST Compliance Advisory

Our services ranges from the basic accounting administration to financial budgeting up to the detailed accounting analysis. The day-to-day management of the account payables, account receivables and the record-keeping of the fixed assets register are also being offered to our clients for a hassle-free solutions to their finance needs.

Cash Management Services & Treasury Management Services

For the purpose of cash management & treasury management services, Symphony maintains trust accounts wherein the clients’ funds are received and disbursed on their behalf. Depending on arrangement with the clients, either a common or an exclusive trust account is operated. Separate ledgers are maintained for clients using the common trust accounts. In the case of exclusive trust account, bank reconciliation will be performed on a monthly basis.

Goods & Service Tax Malaysia (GST Malaysia)

For GST compliance advisory, we are able to offer assessment on your company’s eligibility, ascertaining appropriate classification of goods or services, input tax and output tax assessment, and GST submission preparation to RMCD.

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