Shelf Companies Supply

Shelf Companies Supply

If starting a business from scratch doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, why not consider ready-made shelf companies instead? Ready-made shelf companies are companies that are already registered, but have not been traded or have not entered into any dealings just yet and therefore, these companies have no obligations to adhere to as yet.

A ready-made shelf company is a company whose documents have not moved or had any action taken on them since they have been incorporated. The good news is, if you’re an investor who is not looking to start a business from scratch, these companies are available for purchase and immediate operation.


What are the Components of a Shelf Company?

A shelf company is one that is already registered with the SSM or Companies Commission of Malaysia, which is the official regulator of all companies operating legally in Malaysia. Shelf companies are companies that have been registered as general trading, and therefore, they are able to perform all types of businesses so long as the operations do not contravene the local laws and regulations of the country. If additional permits and approval are required, they must be done so before the company commences business operations.

Shelf companies will remain dormant until ready to begin operations, and because they are dormant, these companies will not have any bank account or prior business activities listed under their name.


Why Buy a Shelf Company?

Buying a shelf company certainly has its advantages among them:

  • It allows the investors to do business almost immediate
  • Investors get to bypass the hassle of new company registration and processing
  • Convenient option for investors who want to get started and take over a business
  • Shelf companies do not have any liabilities because they have not commenced operations
  • Available anytime and immediately if needed.
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